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WE RULE Interview

WE RULE Interview




Success means... happiness.

The best thing about being an entrepreneur is... freedom.

You can’t run a business without... support.

In the next 10 years... I wish to be creating a platform for #shebosses in the wellness space to share their work and inspire other women.  

I am the Founder and Creative Director of The Wellness Mercantile which is a print and digital publication, celebrating women in the wellness industry and the movement towards collective consciousness. I am a Reiki Master with 8 years of experience working in the publishing industry. Creating a magazine felt very natural to me and I love having the ability to work with incredible and inspiring people every single day. The Wellness Mercantile is a platform to share the work of healers and entrepreneurs in the wellness space featuring contributors and innovative brands that are thinking about wellness from a holistic perspective.  

What made you choose this type of business? Why? What other markets are you interested in?

Curating a magazine really just felt very natural to me. Wellness is something that I have always been interested in  - being good to my body and soul. I wanted to create a platform to share my work and share the work of all the amazing healers in my life. I think by having such an amazing network of female entrepreneurs, we have a lot to say and we just needed a place to share in an authentic way.

Do you have hobbies? Is it important to take “time off”?

Yes, taking time for off and practicing a self care routine is SO important. I love spending time with my family and friends. Staying connected helps me to stay grounded and focused on my work. I also enjoy yoga, meditation and running with my dog. It’s absolutely important to take time off - the best advice I could give to entrepreneurs would be to just book flights now! We often come up with excuses as to why we can’t get away but every time I travel I have new ideas, inspirations and meet amazing people.

Is there one “rookie mistake” that new entrepreneurs keep on making? What is it? Did it happen to you?

A “rookie mistake” is being too trustworthy! I often get so excited about a project or idea and overshare. I will catch myself in the middle of saying something and then have to pull back the reins. I am still definitely a rookie and will probably consider myself a rookie forever - I’m always learning and trying to figure things out.

Are there difficult times you go through? What helps/inspires you?

There are absolutely highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and I experience both every single day. What inspires me is connecting to other female entrepreneurs and having those connections, deep conversations and sharing experiences. We are stronger together. Meditation and yoga helps to keep me balanced and stay focused when I am in a tough spot.

Interview with The Fullest

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